Interpreting services

In the world of modern globalised business, interpreting has become the most popular and, at the same time, the most complicated of linguistic services. When interpreting, the interpreter’s personality is increasingly important because on a psychological level, the interpreter (rather than you) is perceived by your foreign partner as the principal source of information.

When choosing your interpreter, you choose a central participant in your event.

Language competence, a presentable appearance, excellent communication skills, and knowledge of the specific nature of your business all constitute the minimum required qualities for an interpreter. In the 21st century knowledge of a language has ceased to be something unusual and international business communication has become the business of professionals.

Consecutive interpreting

In consecutive interpretation, the speaker makes logical pauses in his/her speech, allowing the interpreter to convey what has been said in the source language. Usually, consecutive interpreting is used in events for small audiences - negotiations, presentations, briefings, press conferences, seminars and training sessions with a small number of participants.


Most typical situations that require consecutive interpretation services:


  • negotiations;
  • seminars, meetings and other types of business events;
  • press conferences, presentations, receptions and celebrations;
  • assistance in operative interpreting of written documents which do not require full translation, but the clients only needs to understand the meaning;
  • installation and set-up of equipment involving participation of foreign specialists;
  • interpreting at the exhibition stand;
  • interpreting in court hearings, interrogations, upon signing of documents with notarial certification as well as reading aloud and other relevant procedures;


In order to carry out consecutive interpretation in high quality, the interpreter must be very careful with respect to the people whose speech he/she interprets. A consecutive interpreter must be quick-witted, able to respond quickly to speech errors of the speaker, in case there are any. When a consecutive interpreter does his work, he/she tries to detect a pause in the speech of the speaker in order to not interrupt him on the one part, and to be able to convey the meaning of the speech to the audience promptly on the other. The success of the negotiations can greatly depend on the quality of the consecutive interpretation. For this reason, our interpreters perform consecutive interpreting with utmost care, continuously studying literature on various spheres of activity they face.


We always do our best to find a translator within the shortest time possible, however it should be kept in mind that the deadline for finding an interpreter highly depends on the subject of translation, the event, its duration and venue. For this reason we kindly request:


placing orders for consecutive interpretation well in advance. The sooner you submit your request, the more time and opportunities we will have to select the best professional for you.


Besides, it is desirable to provide text materials on the event since this allows the interpreter to prepare for the event more thoroughly, "get to the core of the subject" and perform their work at a high professional level.


High-quality consecutive interpretation can be provided when the interpreter knows business etiquette well. It seems that this should not even be an issue. However, if the interpreter does not know the rules of business etiquette of a country, this may cause many misunderstandings. Frequently the consecutive interpreter is the representative of one of the parties and his/her mistakes are perceived as the mistakes of the client and this may cause an unfavourable attitude towards both of them. The main task of a consecutive interpreter is to keep the client safe if the latter has behaved in a way that goes beyond the scope of business etiquette, to manage apologizing to the foreign guests and to ease the awkward situation that has developed.


In addition, you can always order on-site interpreting services for a particular event and we also offer consecutive translations on the phone. You can use special equipment for such purposes or just two telephones with a parallel connection. Consecutive translation on the phone is a popular service for conducting negotiations with foreign business partners.

Phone interpreting

POLYGLOT’s phone interpreting services are a convenient product as they can take place at any time or anywhere, depending on the needs of your business, which can minimise your costs.

Our telephone interpreters' ability to be sensitive to many cultural backgrounds and dialects is the key to the success of our remote telephone interpreting services.

POLYGLOT’s phone interpreting service is exceptionally important in corporate trade and the legal industry - in these two cases, the invisibility of the interpreter is particularly useful in granting a feeling of confidentiality to the speakers.

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is carried out along with the speaker's speech. As a rule, simultaneous interpreting is used in conferences, trainings and other events provided for a large number of participants. In order to carry out simultaneous interpretation, special equipment is necessary for interpreters (special facilities in the interpreting booth) as well as for participants (headphones).


Simultaneous interpretation services are widely used for interpreting various types of events: international conferences, business meetings, symposiums, etc. In order to perform simultaneous interpretation in high quality, interpreters who will be providing the interpreting need to be well prepared. Simultaneous interpreters must acquaint themselves with the information materials and the subject that is going to be discussed. In case of necessity, simultaneous interpreters have to analyse the specific terminology used during the event.


Key factors that should be taken into account when
placing an order for simultaneous interpretation:


The order should be placed in due time. The time factor is even more important in simultaneous interpreting than in consecutive interpreting. High quality simultaneous interpreters are a very limited resource - there are few of them and their work schedule is very tight. For this reason our ability to provide you with the most professional interpreters depends on how well in advance you notify of your necessity for simultaneous interpretation.


Provision of information materials is mandatory. In order for the event to be successful simultaneous interpreters need to become acquainted with the information as thoroughly as possible. The necessity for improvisation must be kept at the minimum level since in comparison to consecutive interpretation where the interpreter has time to think the utterance over or to ask again if he/she has not heard something, simultaneous interpreters do not have this opportunity.


Professional equipment. Equipment plays a crucial role in the process of simultaneous interpreting. As a rule, conference facilities equipped with integrated systems for simultaneous interpreting are a perfect venue for hosting events with a large number of participants. However, if the venue you have selected for your event does not have simultaneous interpreting facilities, we can hire the necessary systems for the whole length of the event.


Number of interpreters. Due to the peculiarity of the task, simultaneous interpretation requires engaging two interpreters. No simultaneous interpreter is capable of providing continuous interpreting alone throughout the whole event.


POLYGLOT translation company employs a team of professional and experienced simultaneous interpreters who work in various language combinations. We will be glad to select highly skilled professionals for your event if you are willing to comply with the conditions stated above.


Video interpreting

POLYGLOT translation company  conveniently provides instant video access to accredited interpreters around the country. With video interpreting services, you receive a highly qualified professional who can facilitate face-to-face communication when a physical presence is impossible.

Video Interpreting services enable face-to-face communication without the cost of travelling or the trouble of coordinating the needs of several individuals for an on-site meeting.

Conference equipment hire

Equipment for simultaneous interpreting is specialised equipment designed to facilitate multi-language congresses and conferences. Depending on the model, simultaneous interpreting systems are capable of supporting 4 to 31 foreign languages. 

A simultaneous interpreting set includes: a booth for interpreters, microphones, a signal management block, infra-red transmitters and receivers for listeners.

When placing an order, it is necessary to specify the number of languages the simultaneous interpreting is needed for, the number of headphones needed for the audience, the number of microphones for the speakers, the necessity of a feed to the hall and the venue itself in order for us to assess the facilities.

Moreover, please consider that additional time is needed for setting up and testing the simultaneous interpreting equipment and for this reason the price for it is always calculated for the whole day regardless of the actual length of the meeting. The booth should be located in a place where the interpreters can see the speaker. The sound in the interpreters' headphones, of course, must be flawless.

POLYGLOT translation company doesn’t just rent equipment for simultaneous interpreting; we provide full technical servicing of events. This means that we are with you from the moment of consultation and becoming acquainted with the premises up to delivery, installation, adjustment and servicing of the equipment during the event.