About us

Welcome to POLYGLOT translation company!

We are a capable, driven and ambitious language solutions provider, one of the fastest growing in Latvia, with a strong presence across Europe and the USA. Our team is dedicated and proactive and will ensure you are delighted with the services received.

We support over 200 language combinations and serve clients around the globe, helping them break language barriers and bridge cultural differences.

POLYGLOT mission

Our employees come to work every day with one goal in mind: to help people and companies survive and thrive in a global environment.

ISO 17100:2015/ Amd 1:2017  

POLYGLOT Translation Company is accredited by ISO 17100:2015/ Amd 1:2017 and operates under a strict quality policy. It encapsulates our commitment to deliver fast and accurate translation services to our clients, ensuring their satisfaction without compromising on quality or deadlines.


ISO 17100

Certification: LV006965